Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chartham Circular walk.

The pub where we had a coffee (and someone had a beer)

Starting at Chartham Church we followed the Stour river through the lakes and then back to the main Canterbury road.It had started raining as soon as we left the village,but it was warm rain.
Up the hill to Bigbury through a large farm where there were lots of Poles (Polish)and a very large apple orchard.Through some twisting lanes past nice country cottages and almost to Watling street(A2)the old Roman road.We commenced climbing into the Aincient wood and into the nature reserve aroung Bigbury,where Caesar fought the Cantii in BC 55.We stopped at a 60 Year old orchard ,which is being preserved and replanted with extra trees bearing some unusual varieties.
Out to Chartham Hatch and back down the hill towards the village and over the first rail crossing.(there were two main rail lines into Canterbury)over the main road and across the second rail track and into the village in search of a public house.
We had a coffee and a sit down for half an hour and then back through the churchyard and to the cars and off home through torrential rain.
about 5.5 miles .not too tiring.

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