Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Charing to Harrietsham North Downs

A house in Charing where the infill between timbers has been replaced with a herringbone brick pattern

Sausage Mash onions and peas and nice gravy

A slight change of plan and an RV at Harrietsham Railway station,where 5 of us caught the train to Charing where we debussed .Through the old village and up the hill (stopping for a sausage roll at the baker's)and intercepting the NDW.A familiar route to most of us,and chosen because of a forecast of heavy rain ,which actually came after we had finished at 14.00.
A good quality path through sheltered countryside(mostly)and nice fast paced walking.We actually passed a few other people going east ,and detected by means of our olfactory organs a sewage tanker up ahead,which we had to squeeze past.Towards the end nearing Harrietsham church,we had to cross a few paddocks which contained curious horses,one lucky beast received an apple from us.Electrified fences kept intercourse to a minimum.Back to the village and to the Roebuck pub (of the very clean toilets)where there was a senior citizens menu,it was obvious to the barmaid that we were old farts ,so no ID was asked for.An earlier fantasy regarding sausage mash and onions was miraculously brought to life for us ,and when we were all cosy inside it started to rain .
About 7 or 8 miles not tiring at all.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Herne Bay to Ramsgate along the coast

A visit to the Swale group who laid on the walk,which commemorates one of their founders and is held anually.We RV'd at Herne Bay rail station and walked thru the park to the promenade and headed east.A nice day for it cool and sunny,not many day trippers about.Towards Reculver the path has been upgraded to a high standard,and then on to the grass cliff top path.After a cup of tea at Reculver we set off along the top of the sea wall,and stopped briefly at Minnis Bay.After another hour we stopped for lunch (a 45 minute break)and continued to Westgate and then Margate,a brief ice cream stop,and then to Cliftonville and Broadstairs (another stop)and then on to Ramsgate.It was now dark and we were running a little behind schedule .A short wait at the station and then the train back to Herne Bay.
A good and very tiring day with a walk of 21 miles

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trosley Country Park Weald Way

Along the ancient trackway along the ridge and then into Whitehorse Wood where we had to check our direction of travel with a compass as there were many paths.On to the Weald Way where we bumped into a small group from Maidstone Ramblers who separated to another walk after a short while.Into the valley below Holly Hill and then a long slow climb up Wrangling Lane (A green lane) to White Horse road.We then went back into the wood ,and again had to check on compass bearings as there were no audible or visual clues.Back to the track and the car park and tea and sausage sandwiches.
A grey-ish day but pleasant,and a walk of about 6 miles.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Across the water to TILBURY! (essex)


An unusual departure with a trip on the Gravesend-Tilbury ferry across the Thames to Essex.
A strange wind/tide combination half way across when we encountered choppy water.
A breezy cool day but sunny,to start and then the wind dropping and it becoming oppressively hot.
We have done this walk before so were confident of our route,and had planned apacked lunch to be taken at the picnic site at Coalhouse Fort.
Only a few ferries and a couple of cargo ships on the Thames,a couple of sould fishing,with nothing to report,now or later.
Passing power stations and sewage works,it was a bit industrial and grim,but served to highlight our normal country idyll.Coming back with the sun beating against the concrete sea wall,made it a bit stifling,and as we approached the Tilbury landing stage from a mile away we saw the Ferry setting out for our side.It did however wait for 15 minutes so we caught it OK.It was all strangely exhausting,for a 7 mile walk.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Quarterly Lunch at Larkfield

No walk this week as we were having our quarterly lunch at Larkfield
At the lunch (a non-hiking guest)told of his time as an officer in the Territorial army,and their exercise at Thetford in Norfolk in the 60's.They had to provide hot food for returning troops ,and had a field cooker powered by petrol,which,at short notice,they were ordered to get going and produce some hot vittlesthey were caught out a bit,it being dawn,and they started getting things underway clad in berets,army boots and underpants.The stove needed topping up,so they started tipping a jerry can full of petrol into the small filling-nozzle by the light of a hurricane lamp.The petrol flashed-back,the can was hastily dropped,and the petrol spilled onto the stores in the tent(blankets,food and more petrol)The tent(more of a giant marquee actually)
went up with gusto,and subsequently the trio were taken to Colchester Military Corrective Training Centre (the Army prison)for the night clad only in ...etc etc.It was after this that the commission was resigned