Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Across the water to TILBURY! (essex)


An unusual departure with a trip on the Gravesend-Tilbury ferry across the Thames to Essex.
A strange wind/tide combination half way across when we encountered choppy water.
A breezy cool day but sunny,to start and then the wind dropping and it becoming oppressively hot.
We have done this walk before so were confident of our route,and had planned apacked lunch to be taken at the picnic site at Coalhouse Fort.
Only a few ferries and a couple of cargo ships on the Thames,a couple of sould fishing,with nothing to report,now or later.
Passing power stations and sewage works,it was a bit industrial and grim,but served to highlight our normal country idyll.Coming back with the sun beating against the concrete sea wall,made it a bit stifling,and as we approached the Tilbury landing stage from a mile away we saw the Ferry setting out for our side.It did however wait for 15 minutes so we caught it OK.It was all strangely exhausting,for a 7 mile walk.

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