Paleolithic rock shelter.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Quarterly Lunch at Larkfield

No walk this week as we were having our quarterly lunch at Larkfield
At the lunch (a non-hiking guest)told of his time as an officer in the Territorial army,and their exercise at Thetford in Norfolk in the 60's.They had to provide hot food for returning troops ,and had a field cooker powered by petrol,which,at short notice,they were ordered to get going and produce some hot vittlesthey were caught out a bit,it being dawn,and they started getting things underway clad in berets,army boots and underpants.The stove needed topping up,so they started tipping a jerry can full of petrol into the small filling-nozzle by the light of a hurricane lamp.The petrol flashed-back,the can was hastily dropped,and the petrol spilled onto the stores in the tent(blankets,food and more petrol)The tent(more of a giant marquee actually)
went up with gusto,and subsequently the trio were taken to Colchester Military Corrective Training Centre (the Army prison)for the night clad only in ...etc etc.It was after this that the commission was resigned

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