Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Charing to Harrietsham North Downs

A house in Charing where the infill between timbers has been replaced with a herringbone brick pattern

Sausage Mash onions and peas and nice gravy

A slight change of plan and an RV at Harrietsham Railway station,where 5 of us caught the train to Charing where we debussed .Through the old village and up the hill (stopping for a sausage roll at the baker's)and intercepting the NDW.A familiar route to most of us,and chosen because of a forecast of heavy rain ,which actually came after we had finished at 14.00.
A good quality path through sheltered countryside(mostly)and nice fast paced walking.We actually passed a few other people going east ,and detected by means of our olfactory organs a sewage tanker up ahead,which we had to squeeze past.Towards the end nearing Harrietsham church,we had to cross a few paddocks which contained curious horses,one lucky beast received an apple from us.Electrified fences kept intercourse to a minimum.Back to the village and to the Roebuck pub (of the very clean toilets)where there was a senior citizens menu,it was obvious to the barmaid that we were old farts ,so no ID was asked for.An earlier fantasy regarding sausage mash and onions was miraculously brought to life for us ,and when we were all cosy inside it started to rain .
About 7 or 8 miles not tiring at all.

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