Paleolithic rock shelter.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Herne Bay to Ramsgate along the coast

A visit to the Swale group who laid on the walk,which commemorates one of their founders and is held anually.We RV'd at Herne Bay rail station and walked thru the park to the promenade and headed east.A nice day for it cool and sunny,not many day trippers about.Towards Reculver the path has been upgraded to a high standard,and then on to the grass cliff top path.After a cup of tea at Reculver we set off along the top of the sea wall,and stopped briefly at Minnis Bay.After another hour we stopped for lunch (a 45 minute break)and continued to Westgate and then Margate,a brief ice cream stop,and then to Cliftonville and Broadstairs (another stop)and then on to Ramsgate.It was now dark and we were running a little behind schedule .A short wait at the station and then the train back to Herne Bay.
A good and very tiring day with a walk of 21 miles

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