Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


If you look carefully you can see us milling around putting our boots on and taking the pxxs

Acer Parmatum Perpureum or something

North Downs

Tree Fellers(Irish for three fellows)

A lovely sunny and slightly misty perfect autumn day.We RV at Leeds Church car park and strolled through the graveyard to Battel hall and thence to the Leeds cricket pitch,and across to the footpath to Broomwood church.Through woods and around ploughed fields with lovely views of the trees turning colour on the North Downs.As we approached the Broomwood road ,I temporarily lost the footpath ,as it had been incorporated into someone's garden!We checked with the owner that it was OK to proceed and carried on towards the church after crossing the road.
from the church ,with its massive Yew tree,we again walked along field paths to Spion Kop farm at Water lane(aptly named as it was muddy as usual)we paused for a while to watch a trout swimming in an old water cress bed.On we plodded and came to the road that led us over the high speed rail link and the motorway.A little further on we arrived at Harrietsham and the Roebuck pub.Lunch was ordered and after the walk the pub was a bit warm,we took our time,and after an hour or so,and an excellent lunch we set off back.The sun had disappeared by this time and it was a little colder.The route varied a bit so that we could take in the grounds of Leeds Castle,using one of the many footpaths that criss-cross the grounds.We arrived back at the car park,and took leave of each other until next week.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A grey day,windy and not very warm,no sun.
We RV at Lydd Church which we examined for the mythical boat mooring rings(none found)as the church is only a couple of metres above sea level,and the tide used to come this far inland hundreds of years ago.Seven of us walked through the overflow graveyard and made for the Dengemarsh road,and past the old gravel pits that are now watersports venues.We turned onto the Army firing range and walked to the lookout tower on the beach,where we stopped to have our coffee.There then followed the most difficult walk of nearly 2 years along the loose shingle beach.Its the second largest shingle beach in the world,and we staggered along 3 miles of it.
A few intrepid line fishermen on the beach and a dead porpoise(?)very little driftwood or flotsam.
It was incredibly tiring,using normally unused muscles,and only the thought of stopping at the pub motivated us.
We eventually arrived at Dungeness Nuclear power station and walked to the pub.
The Britannia was busy,but efficient and the food was good.After an half-hour or so we set off again,being somewhat confused by the complete lack of footpath signs,so had to walk on compass bearings.After crossing the road to the power station through a gate,we could see Lydd church way in the distance and used it as a homing point.
More shingle ,but this time interspersed with mossy plants,and a surprising amount of WW2 shrapnel.This was the result of the gun lines set up in 1944,that successfully shot down hundreds of V1 flying bombs.Passing the Nature reserve offices,we decided to use the road to get back to the village as we were fed up with the shingle by now.
After 5.5 hours we were back at the cars.Probably the most demanding walk we have ever done,but morale was high.We actually did a the equivalent of a half-marathon , owing to the difficult terrain
Next week a shorter one.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Omlette and chips

Spotted Dick

As a few of us had not been on this walk the previous fortnight,we decided to do it again,especially as there was a really good pub at the end of it!
The day started off chilly and very bright and sunny as we debussed from the train at Charing.
Into the village and we stopped ,as we had previously at the bakers ,for an excellent sausage roll.They were startled to get 5 old geezers suddenly burst into the shop at once .
Up the hill and we joined the North Downs Way and made good progress under very blue skies and it became warm ,so jackets were stowed.We stopped at the Chalk Cross memorial opposite Lenham for a brief sit down,which turned into half an hour's sunbathing a la last of the summer wine.
Another hour or so and we were back to Harrietsham and the Roebuck Pub and its excellent old fart's menu.It was quiet and welcoming and the staff were extra cheerful.
I have suggested that we do it again next week,but It has been suggested we visit the coast.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

East Malling to the Five Pointed Star for lunch

Five pointed star West Malling,If you have a rumbling tum this is the place for you!

Water Cress Beds

The Tory Party Conference

A cloudy day with drizzle turning into rain.
We went through the research station(whats left of it)to the Quarry and,keeping to the firm paths and roads ,following yesterday's heavy rain,emerged at Kiln Barn.Up the footpath to Fouracres and into Rocks.Onto the footpath in the village that leads to the Watercress beds and then to Broadwater farm.Through the orchards,where apples and pears were sampled and into Lavender Lane.Onwards to the town of West Malling and our goal-the Five Pointed Star pub.
After and excellent lunch we kept to the roads on our way back noticing points of historical interest,such as which pub the local weather girl drinks in etc.
A walk of about 6 or 7 miles and surprisingly little mud.Home to a warm house and a pot of tea.