Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The church where PIP was starled(and so was I )by Magwich in the film Great Expectations

Lost again
A lovely mill house farmhouse thingy
If you look in the field you can see some B######T
Great Expectations counrty
I think we were "discussing"the correct path to take
Egypt bay,how did it get its name?
The sandy beach(a bit out of place here on the Thames)
This is a weird but unusual ornament,hope it's not a witches house (what happened to i before e except after c then?)

Northwood Hill Bird Reserve High Halstow

A very confusing start,with the posted RV point being overshadowed by a set of 2 metre long road signs pointing to the village of cooling 2 miles away and then a mile down a farm track.
The High Halstow signs are also in evidence and point into a housing estate,but one had been turned around.After a visit to both sites we all met up at the correct one at Halstow.
The walk stared through Decoy woods and down the hill onto the very flat open flood plain.
I was a bit disorientated by there being two large chimneys and two large rivers at two opposing points of the compass.However by following the instructions we made good progress,except for the ploughed up footpaths on fields which made our boots twice as heavy with extra mud.We were agreed that,as the weather was quite mild it was a pleasant walk,but had it have been a cold windy day then it would have been a bit of a different kettle of fish.
We made it to St Mary's Bay and sat on some driftwood on the sea wall to eat our sandwiches.
We followed the wall and when we got to Egypt Bay we turned back inland.We arrived back at the foot of the hill and clambered up a steep muddy path to the top and then back to the housing estate and thus to the car park.We will revisit in the summer to check out the contrast.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Newnham to Stalisfield circular walk

This is (or was)Virginia Wade's wee hoose
Check out the Topiary
whence we cometh from
Where we goest thither
A tree and a half,wouldn't you agree ?
The happy wanderers striding out

What a scary name for a church,what can the children think of it?

Strong winds do shake the darling buds of may (and the pub sign)
If you squint you can see the wind turbines off Herne Bay
A lovely little cottage deep in the woods

Lots and lots and lots of slippery leaves

Walk taken from site below:-


An excellent 9 mile walk starting at Newnham church and climbing through mature wooded countryside with which I was completely unfamiliar.The wooded hills and valleys are very pleasing to the eye.There were some excellent little cottages,converted barns ,and very large country houses in their own grounds with avenues of trees.At times the track was overgrown ,to the extent that we had to walk through the woods .We stopped for a quick sandwich an hour and a half into the walk and then set off in the wrong direction!We discovered our mistake and backtracked.
We arrived at The Plough Inn at Stalisfield and stopped for a quick coffee/beer and set off after a short break.Rain seemed to be threatening on the southern horizon,and the wind picked up.
There was intensive map reading ,but by and large we found our way without problems.
some of the walking was ploughed fields (muddy and slow)and some was on minor roads.
Next week maybe a shorter one.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Linton and the Greensand way Circular Walk

A lovely sunny autumnal day.A bit cold when the sun disappeared but otherwise excellent.
starting at Linton church we walked towards Linton Hall and on along the ridge,past Boughton Mon place.turning right at the two oak trees(as instructed) we walked down the steep and slippery orchard path into parkland with a few cows and a big bull sitting about.Through Linton park and back to the Hastings road where we crossed and made our way to Westerhill farm and through some orchards(too late for scrumping)a bit of confused map reading(as usual)and then back up an everlasting hill to the top of the ridge and the Greensand way.We could see the church in the distance and soon made it back to the RV very pleasant weather and fine views over the Weald.
About 7 miles in 3 hours so a cracking pace !