Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Linton and the Greensand way Circular Walk

A lovely sunny autumnal day.A bit cold when the sun disappeared but otherwise excellent.
starting at Linton church we walked towards Linton Hall and on along the ridge,past Boughton Mon place.turning right at the two oak trees(as instructed) we walked down the steep and slippery orchard path into parkland with a few cows and a big bull sitting about.Through Linton park and back to the Hastings road where we crossed and made our way to Westerhill farm and through some orchards(too late for scrumping)a bit of confused map reading(as usual)and then back up an everlasting hill to the top of the ridge and the Greensand way.We could see the church in the distance and soon made it back to the RV very pleasant weather and fine views over the Weald.
About 7 miles in 3 hours so a cracking pace !

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