Paleolithic rock shelter.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


By The Tiger Inn ready for Blastoff

There's a Moose loose abooot the hoose
A sunken lane ,typical of a road at least 1,000 years old in these parts

A grey and occasionally bright day,with jackets off after a little warm up.
We Rv at the Tiger Inn on the Aincient Track way and set off towards Water farm,which surprisingly is by the stream.We turned off the road and up a very steep 500' hill and when my thighs would take no more I turned around to see everyone had stopped with exhaustion.
Crossing Stone Street the old roman road ,south from Canterbury,we entered a farm's environs ,and then climbed another hill.We then entered a wood/forest mostly fir trees and recrossing stone street after a couple of miles,we found a fallen tree and sat on it to eat our sandwiches.Further on we went down a cul-de-sac and entered a small cottage's garden and climbed over the stile and into a meadow.This was where I got lost and we set off a bit skew-whif and had to blunder through hedges and across ditches in order to get back to civilization.We came to the road at a farm,which had a very similar name to the farm we were seeking but was not it.However it located us on the map and we could plot our route back to the Tiger Inn .We did about 8 miles and it was an interesting and strenuous walk.A couple of us stopped at the pub for a quick one and someone was very pleased that they served Fullers London Pride.

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