Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Otham Village to Harrietsham and back

the Barbican at Leeds Castle being re-refurbished

Its frozen across the moat and the ducks are pedestrians

A black swan (pretty obvious really)

He's quaffed half his beer whilst he was waiting

Ham, Egg,Chips and Peas ,and a little salad

Fish and Chips and Peas ,and a little salad

Sausage Egg Chips and Peas

Sausage mash and Peas

The Roebuck 01622-858388 Our Pub of The Year award 2007

The footpath transits the front and back garden of this house(up the steps)

Milling about waiting for an Alpha male to take charge

First-the statistics.The winter solstice being our rough anniversery of conception.
in 2006 we walked 351 miles (584 Km) in 181.5 hour
in 2007 we walked 360 miles (599 Km) in 181.7 hours (spooky)
that's 711 total.
Today ,7 of us RV @ The war memorial at Otham green for a walk through the orchards to
Harrietsham,the Roebuck Inn
Cold ,hovering around 1 celcius with no wind and a wintery sun ,trying its best to assert itself.
We took a slightly differnt route out,this time,and passed through several farmyards.
The mud was mostly frozen,and until we reached water lane was not a problem!
we rang The Roebuck to advise them of ETA and numbers and turned up at about 12.15.
We selected a meal from the senior citizens menu (£3.95 including pudding)
The staff were very welcoming and accomodating,and cheerful,(and v pretty)After warming ourselves for an hour we set back.
The sun began to give up its struggle and fell back towards the horizon,and it started to get a bit colder.Fatigue began to set in a bit,as I had underestimated the distance which instead of 10 miles was actually 12.
back through Leeds Castle grounds and across fields to the RV point.
A good,tiring walk,a hot bath ,and a cup of tea,and an equal strain on all parts.

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