Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Charing Harrietsham NDW

This electric fence has enough juice to stun a carthorse,hence the caution

I thing spring is about to spring

I think the people were shorter in those days

6 of us set out by train from Harrietsham rail station,the WX forecasts for the day were so confused taht we assumed it might rain heavily and took a dry route for our walk.
We called at the baker's in Charing high street for sausage rolls,and climbed the hill(the only one really)We met a nice racehorse on the track ,and we all stood aside ,so as not to get a kick in the nadgers.It was windy and cold but sunny too.No mapreading required we had the pub homing detector switched on and followed that.
The Roebuck was our pub of choice(see earlier for foodpix) and then we all wobbled off home.
a few pictures for your dilectation;-

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