Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

East Malling, West Malling ,Barming Woods

Five of us RV at the research station and set off through the station to East Malling church and along to Mill street and disappeard up the footpath to Broadwater road and thence to West malling Abbey and lavender road.back through the orchard to the bottom of broadwater road,and into Pikey lane.past springhead farm and on to the footpath that bounds the eastern end of the Kings Hill development site.across east Malling heath to the North Pole and then back down to NorthPole lane and into Oaken Woood and thence to Rocks farm and then over the railway line to the research station.A walk of 7 to 8 miles ,mild,dry slightly muddy no wind.
Quite a nice walk.

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