Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

RYE to HAM STREET along The Royal Military Canal

The Hamstreet/Appledore end of the walk (much nicer walking,plus the sun came out !

This gateway is 4 mtimes as old as the USA

Homage to Abbey Road

We RV'd at the rail station at Hamstreet (6 of us)and bought group travel tickets (£2.50 each)to Rye from the Station Master,and after exchanging useless information we trooped over the track to the down line and awaited the diesel train.It arrived promptly,it was modern warm,clean and comfortable. It took us no time at all to travel to Rye.In the station forecourt I suffered disorientation,but finally found the main road and set off through the town,aquiring the footpath alongside the River Rother.It was a bit grey and brightened up as the sun started to come out,the temperature was about 1 degree Celcius with a strong wind blowing.We were kitted out with wooly hats and gloves and all the usual clothing ,so were not to suffer too much.
The wind was ripping across the Marsh straight from the sea,with nothing to stop it.After a few miles the Rother beared left and the RMC right,so we took the right path and carried on.It was a little difficult walking along the top of the dike (my apologies to women that wear sensible shoes)as the grass was uneven,with great scope for spraining an ankle down a rabbit or badger hole.We stopped for lunch,cringing behind a WW2 pillbox to get out of the wind,and the hot coffee was really welcome,as was the birthday cake.We struggled on to Appledore,where the sun came out,albeit low in the sky,and the wind dropped down considerably.We took a short cut over a few fields on a litte used and neglected footpath,to regain the village of Hamstreet
We got in the cars and headed back home.A very tiring walk of 13 miles (half marathon).

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