Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A dense fog and a temperature of about zero C. As we met up at the RVP the sun started to burn through the fog,and then came out in earnest.We set off towards the NDW,following a walk that 2 of us had done previously.the temp was just about right and the sun was lovely,as the countryside headed towards spring.
At Eastwell church we stopped for our packup and then set off to Eastwell manor and then towards Challock church.Through Young's plantation then along the Canterbury road to Little Paddock farm where we turned off towards the kent Gliding club airfield,where there was activity owing to the good weather.After this,through the woods down a sunken road and back to the NDW and Charing village.A walk of 13 miles for 6 of us,very tiring.And so to bed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Not a promising start,frosty(-1.5C)very foggy and dull.We set off throught the village,and passed by the Friars and along the footpaths towards Wouldham.the sun started to appear gradually,and coats started to come off.It suddenly cleared and turned into a lovely spring day.
Through Wouldham village ,pausing to read headstones in the churches,where we stopped at the second church and sat on the wall to eat our sandwiches.As we set off again we found an even better spot to have sat!we must bear this in mind next time.We now followed the top of the sea wall as the river twisted and turned through the flood plane,seeing herons and Oystercatchers and the occasional Cormorant.After the sea wall we passed the moored houseboats beneath the three bridges and through a couple of boatyards and on to the Esplanade by where the old seaplane factory used to be.When we arrived at the castle,we had our second break,thenset off over Rochester bridge to Strood rail station where we boarded a train for Aylesford(£2)which took only a few minutes to cover what had taken us 3.5 hours and 9 miles .From the station at aylesford to the car park in the village and home--a nice sunny walk.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


A lovely sunny ,temperate day.We started at Wye church,where the daffs were about to come out.Through the Imperial College grounds and up into the hills.Already,the views were stunning,and it was difficult to keep walking,because of the distraction.A lot of rain the previous few nights had made the going very soft and a couple of our number fell on their arses.Across a south facing meadow,where there were hundreds and hundreds of primroses.We were then climbing steep hills again,and arrived at Crundale church,where we stopped for lunch.
We set off again along a very muddy green lane through the woods and after a bit of dithery map-reading arrived at the nature reserve on the top of Wye Downs.The views were outstanding,and we could see from the English Channel at Dungeness to Flimwell in Sussex.
A 4 wheel buggy passed us and ,being unable to get more then halfway up a 40 degree hill,had to drop its passenger off and reverse down ths slope.

Through more very slippery woods and back towards the town of Wye,a walk of about 8.5 miles ,taking 4 hours (6 of us)