Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A dense fog and a temperature of about zero C. As we met up at the RVP the sun started to burn through the fog,and then came out in earnest.We set off towards the NDW,following a walk that 2 of us had done previously.the temp was just about right and the sun was lovely,as the countryside headed towards spring.
At Eastwell church we stopped for our packup and then set off to Eastwell manor and then towards Challock church.Through Young's plantation then along the Canterbury road to Little Paddock farm where we turned off towards the kent Gliding club airfield,where there was activity owing to the good weather.After this,through the woods down a sunken road and back to the NDW and Charing village.A walk of 13 miles for 6 of us,very tiring.And so to bed.

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