Paleolithic rock shelter.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Westerham to Otford

Westerham To Otford 30th May 2008

Once again the walk had been rearranged to a Friday and 6 of us met up at East Malling on a cloudy and very muggy day. We walked through the very quite research station to East Malling railway station where we caught the train to Bromley South.
There we caught a very new Double Decker bus to Westerham Hill. The bus ride itself was very enjoyable and a novelty to some of the Happy Wanderers walking group.
At Westerham Hill we alighted and walked through the country lanes that were the place where one of our members spent a part of his childhood many years ago.
Then up past the lovely Pilgrim House, see photo, and then up a very steep hill to meet the North Downs Way, we were told by our leader that this was the highest point in Kent and after the climb it certainly felt like it.
We followed a very muddy North Downs Way through various small woods then lanes and a few fields inhabited by a lot of dairy cows and in one instance a very large bull who luckily did not show us much interest.
After a very hard slog still on the NDW we came into a large open area overlooking Cheevning House , a grace and favour residence of I think the Foreign Sec The view also took in a very busy M25 motorway.
We continued down the hill and eventually came to Otford were a lot of very tired walkers caught the train back to East Malling. This walk although enjoyable with some outstanding views was one of the hardest we have undertaken recently not because of the distance but because of the very muddy and gruelling walking conditions and some very steep hills

Pilgrim House Nr Westerham
View South From North Downs Way
Typical Conditions On The Day
About 3 Miles To Go
Cheevning House Through The Mist
Thatched Cottage Note Thatched Birds On Top

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Faversham to Whitstable

Faversham to Whitestable 23rd May 2008

Due to various reasons the walk this week was put back from the normal Wed to Friday and then to make matters worse a couple more had to drop out at the last minute
That includes this sub editor/photographer therefore the script is as told to me by " The Leader" and unless the deputy photographer sends me his photos this weeks blog will be a sorry affair especially with no photos
The 3 remainder souls met at the local railway station and caught the train to the old town of Faversham, after alighting the walked through the town to Faversham Creek on the River Swale .
Then proceeded to follow the river east , passing many testements to the old craft of ship buiding now long since gone. Between Faversham and Whitstable they see basking seals on a distant sand bar and then a lovely Marsh Harrier . A brief stop by and not in the Sportsman pub at Seasalter and then onto Whitstable where they caught the train home. A hard going walk of about 10 miles to be repeated in a few weeks when hopefully the rest of the group will be able to join in and maybe I will be able to post a few photos of this part of the Kent coast
Note added a few days after the above : The deputy photographer has just sent me a few photos so these are now added for interest but a few days late and with no descriptions

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Greenwich To London

Greenwich and London 14th May 2008

We set off from our local railway stations and met up at Greenwich pier where we boarded the fast boat the Thames Clipper on bound for the Embankment in London.
The sun broke through as we set off and we were spoilt with the various Thames views both historical , such as Greenwich itself and modern, the docklands.
We passed under numerous London bridges including Waterloo Bridge which our leader told us was built by women in WW2 and therefore is known by Londoners as The Lady's Bridge.
Passing under Tower bridge we drew along side HMS Belfast for a really close up view.
Eventually we disembarked at The Embankment and walked up through Trafalgar Sq into St Jame's park where we stopped for a bite to eat and enjoy the views.
Then on passed Buckingham Palace through the parks and the Wellington Arch , onto Green Park for an ice cream.
The day had become very warm so we strolled down to the embankment for a really nice coffee then rejoined the boat back to Greenwich

Tower Bridge
HMS Belfast
St Paul's
On The Embankment
Wellington Arch
London Eye Viewed From River

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Chilham & Bluebells

Chilham-Godmersham 7th May 2008

On a very sunny morning five us met up at the car park just outside the village of Chilham with a view to walking through the local woods to see the bluebells
Setting off up the hill into the village square stopping only to take a couple of photos of the lovely surroundings.
Then on through the village and followed the country lane to the south of the castle until we eventually got to "Kings Wood " Here the bluebells simply covered the complete grounds beneath the trees about to come into bud.
We basically followed various woodland trails enjoying the peace and country air, even having the luck to see about 6 deer crossing the path in front of us
After a couple of hours wandering here and there we got back to the start of Kings Wood and instead of going back the way we came we diverted down the hill to pass Godmersham Hall . This was the home of Jane Austens brother and it is understood she used to stay they and in fact based her famous novel on the house.
Then onwards crossing the main road and followed different footpaths until we eventually made it back to Chilham for a quick but well earned pint

Chilham Castle
Lakes Rear Of Chilham Castle
Bluebell in Kings Wood
Godmersham Hall/House
Just Outside Godmersham Hall
Rear Chilham Castle In Distance

Friday, May 02, 2008

Whitstable To Herne Bay

Whitstable To Herne Bay 2nd May 2008

Our normal walk was cancelled earlier in the week because of torrential rain and 6 of us met up on the east side of Whitstable on a cloudy day and proceeded to walk to Herne Bay.
Initially we kept to the top of the cliffs passing the gaily coloured beach huts below us. Before long the sun shone making the walk all that more enjoyable.
Following the path we cut down to the path along side the beach. The tide was in with a gentle flat sea at about high tide. Keeping to this path we passed the site of a number of "mobile homes " and a skate board area .
By the time we got to Hampton pier the day was as good as any summer day we could hope for. We passed the area of the arcades to roughly the clock tower where we diverted into the area of the town to search out a cake shop for one of our party. Then back for a short distance through the town before diverting back to the sea front. Here we sought out a sea front cafe for a coffee stop . When we left we treated ourselves to a bag of chips and lowered the tone of the area by eating them as we walked along the sea front back in the direction of where we left the cars. Unfortunately this was interupted but a longish downpour . Eventually arriving back at the cars slightly wet but pleasantly tired.
Herne Bay In The Distance
Hampton Pier Area
Herne Bay Pier In The Distance
Clock Tower
Whats Left Of THe End Of Pier In Distance