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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Faversham to Whitstable

Faversham to Whitestable 23rd May 2008

Due to various reasons the walk this week was put back from the normal Wed to Friday and then to make matters worse a couple more had to drop out at the last minute
That includes this sub editor/photographer therefore the script is as told to me by " The Leader" and unless the deputy photographer sends me his photos this weeks blog will be a sorry affair especially with no photos
The 3 remainder souls met at the local railway station and caught the train to the old town of Faversham, after alighting the walked through the town to Faversham Creek on the River Swale .
Then proceeded to follow the river east , passing many testements to the old craft of ship buiding now long since gone. Between Faversham and Whitstable they see basking seals on a distant sand bar and then a lovely Marsh Harrier . A brief stop by and not in the Sportsman pub at Seasalter and then onto Whitstable where they caught the train home. A hard going walk of about 10 miles to be repeated in a few weeks when hopefully the rest of the group will be able to join in and maybe I will be able to post a few photos of this part of the Kent coast
Note added a few days after the above : The deputy photographer has just sent me a few photos so these are now added for interest but a few days late and with no descriptions

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