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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Westerham to Otford

Westerham To Otford 30th May 2008

Once again the walk had been rearranged to a Friday and 6 of us met up at East Malling on a cloudy and very muggy day. We walked through the very quite research station to East Malling railway station where we caught the train to Bromley South.
There we caught a very new Double Decker bus to Westerham Hill. The bus ride itself was very enjoyable and a novelty to some of the Happy Wanderers walking group.
At Westerham Hill we alighted and walked through the country lanes that were the place where one of our members spent a part of his childhood many years ago.
Then up past the lovely Pilgrim House, see photo, and then up a very steep hill to meet the North Downs Way, we were told by our leader that this was the highest point in Kent and after the climb it certainly felt like it.
We followed a very muddy North Downs Way through various small woods then lanes and a few fields inhabited by a lot of dairy cows and in one instance a very large bull who luckily did not show us much interest.
After a very hard slog still on the NDW we came into a large open area overlooking Cheevning House , a grace and favour residence of I think the Foreign Sec The view also took in a very busy M25 motorway.
We continued down the hill and eventually came to Otford were a lot of very tired walkers caught the train back to East Malling. This walk although enjoyable with some outstanding views was one of the hardest we have undertaken recently not because of the distance but because of the very muddy and gruelling walking conditions and some very steep hills

Pilgrim House Nr Westerham
View South From North Downs Way
Typical Conditions On The Day
About 3 Miles To Go
Cheevning House Through The Mist
Thatched Cottage Note Thatched Birds On Top

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