Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Bedgebury 10th July 2008

We drove to Bedgebury Pinetum where we watched our leader virtually cry as he emptied his penny jar to pay the ridiculous car parking charge of £7:50 . We knew at this point we were in for a days entertainment as he was sure to carry out his Victor Meldew impression of a grumpy OAP
Apart from this blot on the landscape the weather showed a lot of promise so the 6 of us entered the Pinetum with no definite plan other than to wander along some of the various tracks, enjoy the British country side, put the world to rights and appreciate the quietness without women.
Stating at the visitors centre we then followed one of the tracks that took us pass a couple of small lakes but still interesting especially with the plant life beginning to blossom .
There is not much more that can be said to describe a pleasant walk of about 8 miles , but we did get a glance of one deer and one toad that brightened the walk . Near the end we came across a long abandoned saw mill where someone had made good use of it by installing a number of bat boxes , In all , apart from the car parking charge, a good walk

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