Paleolithic rock shelter.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hythe Dymchurch


A nice sunny ,humid day at Hythe ,we decided,owing to the masses of schoolkids at the station,to walk to Dymchurch and train back.So,we set off along the Military canal,and started to receive complaints that the footpath on the other side looked much nicer.Nice and flat(obviously)and then up a ruddy great steep hill with a couple of castles on it(one roman, LEMANIS)We rounded the bend and were confronted with a pack of hyenas ,who did not find us amusing (well neither do we)The roman castle(see pix)was made of the usual ragstone/tile mix.Along the top of the hill among the Griraffes,Zebra,etc .An attempt to scare kids on the other side of the hedge with ape-calls failed miserably.Back down the hill to the flat lands and across the fileds ,where we stumbled upon an old Royal Observer Corps bunker from the cold war.Into Dymchurch and sensors set to max,we found a pub with London Pride bitter,so someone was happy.We all had a bag of chips freshly cooked, a walk on the beach ,and then walked the 10 minutes to the station,where the diesel hauled train took us back to Hythe for £4.70 ish.

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