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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


When will we ever learn

Not certain if it is the effects of old age or stupidity but 4 of us met up in Sittingbourne ( the place that makes everywhere else look good) on a very hot and humid day to walk to Conyer and back
Without a cloud in the sky we set off through part of Sittingbourne into the industrial site choking on fumes from the many lorries rushing by. Finally we arrived at what was Sittingbournes football stadium but now literally going to the dogs . From here we took our lives in our hands and went to the side of Milton Creek, very important area in Tudor times but not now.
Although walking along side the creek at high tide the view and general feel was very industrial and run down . This did eventually open out into a more countryside area where we had an interesting sight of 2 men working at the top of the 132000 volt overhead power line, see photo below.
Being far too hot to hang around we carried along this path looking at the paper mill on the other bank and in the distance the newish bridge from the mainland to the Isle Of Sheppey
We watched the odd boat drift by but all we could do was dream of shade and a cold pint .
On then to Conyer Creek where we went inland and because of the weather and we decided we were all too old for this game and took the shortest route home only stopping briefly for a ice cream
Muston Churche, closed many years ago
Milton Creek
You can just see a man working at the top
Paper Mills
From Glory To This
Where Conyer Creek Meets River Swale
Tonge Church

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