Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Hills Get Steeper and We Get Older
On an overcast but warm day 6 of us met up at Cobham Manor Riding Stables just off the Pilgrims Way between Hollingbourne and Detling
Our leader and map reader with a sadistic streak led us up one hill after another with each hill being steeper than the last . After lots of forced stops and near heart attacks we stumbled out the woods into a clearing but with glorious views down onto the green fields of Kent in the area near Hollingbourne .
Here we took the opportunity to stop for a quick drink and snack but also to recover .
Then once again up another hill , we are certain he plans the walks to take in the maximum hills possible .
At one stage we had to literally force our way through a very overgrown woods and yes it was up hill. Mathematics being what it is determined that what goes up must come down and not before time this was what we had to do. Dropping down to the Pilgrims Way , and a rather zig zag route back to the stables

Start Of Walk Near Cobham Manor Stables

Crossroads To Thurnham
Looking Down At Start Point ie Stables
Typical Path/Hill
Overgrown Path/Hill

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Otford to Wrotham

Another Steep Hill
On an overcast day 7 of us met up at East Malling Research Station and slowly wandered to the railway station at East Malling and there we caught the train to Otford.
Within minutes of leaving the station ( I wish I had stayed on the train) our leader led the way and we slowly climbed up a very steep, and I mean steep, hill that seemed to go on forever . We stopped a few times to enable me to take a few photos of the outstanding views , well that’s my excuse for stopping . After what seemed to be a lifetime we made the top and joined the North Downs Way
Then on a very rough and in places muddy track we followed the NDW through small wooded areas and across open fields where we were treated to some outstanding Kentish scenes especially overlooking the village of Kemsing . At one of these view points we succumbed to old age and stopped for a cup of coffee and packed lunch .
With our leader doing a brilliant job of map reading, its not his fault the map was upside down, we stumbled on and eventually made it downhill through the village of Wrotham and to the railway station to catch the train back to East Malling

Start Of Walk At Otford
View Of Our Route So Far
Path Typical Of The Day
Cross With View From North Downs Way

Isolated Cross , see Photo Above Wrotham Church and Village

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Herne Bay to Reculver

Wet And Windy Seaside

Thinking the footpaths would be a sea of mud following the really wet weather recently we thought a day at the seaside would make a pleasant change
So 5 of us parked our cars on the west side of Herne Bay and with black clouds overhead and the wind at our backs we set off for a walk to Reculver Towers
We paused for a while by some colourful beach huts and toyed with the idea of buying one and spending our spare time staring out to sea. Then on along Herne Bay’s sea front to a nice little café where we forced ourselves to stop for coffee.
All the time the wind was very blustery and the sky threatened to drop a great deal of the wet stuff on us.
Being intrepid wanderers and stupid we did not let this dampen our spirits as we walked along the path and part way along the beach till we eventually reached Reculver Towers. The weather determined the short length of time we spent looking at the towers and we were forced into the local café for a drink and in a couple of instances a quick snack
Then with the wind in our faces we retraced our steps back towards Herne Bay, this time we were not so lucky and the rain came in very quick burst interspersed with sunshine. Getting back into Herne Bay called for another stop this time for a bag of chips before the last wet dash back to the cars

Beach Huts @ Herne Bay
Looking Back At Herne Bay
Reculver Towers In Distance
Looking At Herne Bay From Reculver
Reculver Tower
Return Walk To Herne Back Looking Back At Towers

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Aylesford-Bluebell Hill

Another Big Hill To Climb

Aylesford Church In Distance
Overhead Power Lines Down From Bluebell Hill
Downhill In The Shade
Reputed Burial Spot Of Saxon Horsa
On a very warm and muggy day 5 of us met up at the lovely village of Aylesford where we left our cars , walked through the village and headed north
In what seemed to be only a few minutes we were walking up a very steep hill, all wishing we had spent the day by the sea somewhere . The hill seemed to go on forever and needed more than one stop before we got out of breath at the top.
Here we stopped , not that we could walk another step , just to have a drink and try to recover some resemblance of strength . Luckily this was at the top of bluebell hill and shade the afforded by wooded areas along the route we strolled along the track heading east along the ridge was very welcome.
At one point we stopped to watch a helicopter bearing the logo of The National Grid hover just off the ground apparently inspecting the over head power lines.
We then cut down the track through the woods heading south but more important it was going down hill.
Along this track there was a stone apparently marking the burial place of Horsa , who as a Saxon mercenary was hired along with his brother Hengest and their army by the Romans to subdue the rebellious Kentish locals (nothing has changed ) . Horsa died in the very first battle in 455AD . Legend has it this is where the use of the white horse as the Kent symbol originated
After a quick break for coffee we then carried on downhill , through the local farm before finally entering Aylesford from a slightly different route Not a long walk about 8 miles but due to the combination of muggy weather and very steep hills made it very tiring
Note due to a rebellious “normal” photographer all photos are by the brilliant deputy photographer