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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Herne Bay to Reculver

Wet And Windy Seaside

Thinking the footpaths would be a sea of mud following the really wet weather recently we thought a day at the seaside would make a pleasant change
So 5 of us parked our cars on the west side of Herne Bay and with black clouds overhead and the wind at our backs we set off for a walk to Reculver Towers
We paused for a while by some colourful beach huts and toyed with the idea of buying one and spending our spare time staring out to sea. Then on along Herne Bay’s sea front to a nice little café where we forced ourselves to stop for coffee.
All the time the wind was very blustery and the sky threatened to drop a great deal of the wet stuff on us.
Being intrepid wanderers and stupid we did not let this dampen our spirits as we walked along the path and part way along the beach till we eventually reached Reculver Towers. The weather determined the short length of time we spent looking at the towers and we were forced into the local café for a drink and in a couple of instances a quick snack
Then with the wind in our faces we retraced our steps back towards Herne Bay, this time we were not so lucky and the rain came in very quick burst interspersed with sunshine. Getting back into Herne Bay called for another stop this time for a bag of chips before the last wet dash back to the cars

Beach Huts @ Herne Bay
Looking Back At Herne Bay
Reculver Towers In Distance
Looking At Herne Bay From Reculver
Reculver Tower
Return Walk To Herne Back Looking Back At Towers

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