Paleolithic rock shelter.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Faversham to Whitstable

Creeks and Sea

After our weeks rest we met up in Sittingbourne so that our leader could buy himself some cakes from the local bakery. Then on to meet the rest of the group at Sittingbourne Railway Station where we caught the train to Faversham
We left Faversham station and walked through the old part of the town to the area where the creek meets the town . Then past the old boatyards and slowly, at our age that’s the only pace we know, followed the creek until it met the river swale.
Here we paused for breath and a cup of coffee and watch the various boats in the Swale including a nice London Barge .
Following this track it meets the north Kent coast with views of the old forts and modern wind turbines way out to sea . Heading east we passed a herd of Polish Horses or were they ponies that had recently been introduced to the area.
Keeping to the edge of the beach we slowly walked into Whitstable and onto its railway station for a very welcome ride back home
Faversham Market Square
Local Boat Yard
Abandoned Boats In Faversham Creek
Thames Barge In River Swale
Polish Horses Nr Whitstable
Latest Design Of Seating ???
Nr Whitstable Looking West

Whitstable In Distance

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