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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gravesend to Essex

Another Wet Summer's Day

On a typical summer’s day, ie wet and cloudy and very windy 5 of us met up at Gravesend and within a couple of minutes of arriving at Gravesend railway station our leader forced us into a local café for a very nice “English Breakfast”
Suitable fortified we then wandered down to the River Thames where we waited for the Gravesend to Tilbury ferry to be repaired before boarding it and enjoying a trip to Essex , all the time trying to spot a break in the rain filled sky.
Once in Tilbury we headed east along the shores of the river Thames past Tilbury Fort then the power station eventually arriving at Coalhouse Fort.
Here we stopped for a very brief stop and quick drink before heading back. The return walk was an improvement by the simple fact it had stopped raining but unfortunately we were walking into a very strong headwind which made the going hard work. We did pause by one of the many blackberry bushes to fill a couple of containers in the hope of an apple and blackberry pie if we could find some lovely lady to make it.
Arriving back at Tilbury pier we found the at the ferry we had hoped to catch had been cancelled forcing us to wait in the rain and wind for about 45 minutes but despite the weather a very pleasant days walk
Passing River Traffic
Nr Tilbury Fort
Coal Jetty For Power Station
WW2 Defences
Coalhouse Fort

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  1. What a lovely meander through the beautiful Kent countryside. Brought back some happy memories of when I lived there.