Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Walking

Just Lunch

Just under 3 years ago 3 of us old codgers thought we should meet up once a week for a walk and simply for the pleasure of each others company
As time went by others joined us and if you have been reading this blog we have had all sorts of walks in all weathers
Last week we passed a total of 1000 miles since we started and came to the conclusion we should have some form of event to mark this milestone So this week rather than walking the 6 of us who were available met up at our favourite pub The Roebuck at Harrietsham
As always with this pub the meal was very good value and the company excellent and to top it all our esteemed catering officer surprised us with a lovely cake complete with photo and inscription but it goes to say there are no photos to show you. All I can do is offer you these photos as a very small selection of some of our walks over this last 2 plus years

NB for some reason beyond my control this text has come out underlined and I cannot find a way to alter it

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