Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Folkestone Warren to Samphire Ho ,and back

A perfect sunny calm october day with only a slight breeze
We RV'd at the Cafe at the Eagles Nest, Caple le Ferne ,had light refreshments,traded insults and then set off.France was visible across a flat calm blue English Channel.The cliffs are about 500' at their highest point ,and very steep,and have a tendency to induce knee trembling and bowel-churning.
We set off down the steep path and steps to the railway line and crossed over the footbridge(its sounds easy doesn't it?-well it wasn't)and made it to the beach/breakwater,which is an enormous slab of concrete dating from 1915 when there was an enormous landlide that blocked the railway line.We were not 100% certain that we could make it to Samphire Ho,as we needed to traverse the beach at low tide.We struck out and made it ok in the end.We found some iron pyrites i the fossilised mud and some black pumice.We met a fellow walker who was bravely going all the way to Dover along the beach.We stopped at Samphire Ho for sandwiches and then set out through the area to the tunnel up the cliff(steep and long)the smell of burning chemicals could be detected from the air filtering equipment ,from the recent train fire.We made our way to the top of the cliff and walked along the grassy path ,looking at the stomach-churning drops over the edge .About 9 strenuous miles for 6 of us ,a good but tiring walk.

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