Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Linton circular walk

Well,I thought it would be nice to pop down to the baker's and get some doughnuts before the walk.The ladies wanted to know why I wanted 5 doughnuts and 2 chelsea buns.What is this a police state?has food rationing started?
Any road up ,it was raining ,the rain was warm at least and we set off from Linton church down the greensand way.A bit slippery underfoot,but not excessively muddy.We passed through several unharvested orchards and stole some apples from the trees.Problem was,we then had to lug them for the rest of the walk.A pleasant meander through the country side and then back up a bloody hill.We were obstructed by three friendly horses beyond a kissing gate they could smell the apples and tried to get into someone's knapsack.Some pleasant views over the weald of Kent and then back along the ridge to Linton .

about 7 miles and 5 of us

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  1. Still stealing the apples then Mr. P and Mr. Y !!!
    Good to see you keeping fit with these walks, will remain 'tuned in' for future wanderings.