Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thurs sept 25th or similar Harrietsham from Charing

There is no "Alpha Male"competition as our testosterone levels are now almost zero

The harvest has been gathered in as you can see,but not a very good one this year

What would you say?about 1600-1650?

An old coaching Inn

This snail is at leat 8" across (just kidding)

A Roman edible snail alongside a rapidly deteriorating £1 coin

A Dutch couple with an English sense of humour,doing the North Downs Way
I like to think that they were hanging on my every word,but........

A long wait for a late train at the Gare du Harrietsham ,then it limped in making stuttering electronic noises with all the carriages bumping back and forth.We detrained at Charing and walked thru the village and up the hill to the NDW,the rain which was torrential, had now stopped,so we started to disrobe a bit. A familiar walk with no surprises apart form a Dutch couple doing the Pilgrims Way.
After a short stop at the Chalk Cross monument we carried on to the Roebuck pub for an old farts cheap lunch.Not up to their usual standard,but we will not write them off yet.
about 7 miles and sunny after initial rain.

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