Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oare to Sittingbourne across the fields

Full marks to our photographer,It's very difficult to capture a moving object at high speed!

Very Interssting Headstones in St Mary's Norton.Connecting with the Russian Royal family.

Provender Hall

A grey start from Sittingbourne ,where we caught the 333 Bus service to Oare,after a couple of turns around faversham town ,it dropped us by our designated footpath,but instead we stuck to the country lanes owing to the mud.Up the Swale heritage Trail to Deerton street,past the Mounted Rifleman ex-pub and across Watling street A2 ,the old Roman road.

Down to Provender (see half timbered house)Where the Tsarists lived,and St Mary's church Norton( see interesting gravestones)where we had our coffee.On to Loyerton and then through the orchards to Lynsted (see old house with 4'6" high doorway.)Then across the muddy fields to Rodmersham,and thence back to Sittingbourne

A drizzly grey day ,with 6 of us doing 10 miles .

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday walk on the North Downs Way

Snow in November,can't recall this before (train late)

It snowed,it rained,it hailed,it was cold and windy ,and we all got very wet.At one stage I was considering calling for a lift back,after a particularly nasty hailstorm,but 30 minutes later the sun came out.
The walk started at bearsted rail station where the new timetable was not fully understood by the booking clerk(or me)as the train whistled through Chilham, without stopping.We got off at Canterbury West(The world's oldest railway station 1832)and caught the next train back down the line ,so did not lose out.
We disembarked at Chilham,and started walking through the heavy rain .Up through to mountain street and into the Kings wood,where the British resistance,had its HQ in 1940.
along to Boughton Aluph,and the hail storm,and into Eastwell park,after muddy fields we passed St Mary's Westwell,an abandoned church where the Bastard son of Richard lll
is entombed.Along the NDW to Charing Village and the railway station where we caught a nice comfortable Warm train.

A testing walk of 11 miles . 4 of us (2 EMR guests)

A log fire ,a hot bath,and Dry Clothes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rochester Airport to Maidstone

Firstly,the Camilla Park and Ride from Willington street to Stoneboro,
then a 101 express double decker up Blue Bell Hill to the airport.we disembarked and negotiated the myriad roundabouts and crossings at the M2 junction to enter Buckmore park via the footpath>NO SIGNS.we found a stile and walked through the woods down an unused path.Crossing an internal service road,the path petered out,and I was unable to find the way ahead.We consulted with some police dog handlers who,although helpful were not very clued up on the local footpaths.I scouted ahead through the brambles and found the (possible)path and emerged onto a road.Asking the way of a van driver produced the proprieter of an engineering firm who was very helpful and pointed out that the path left the site and then re entered it!-still no signs.We walked through the woods on a distinct path ,and made it to common road and the Picnic site ,where we had coffee and enjoyed the wonderful views .Setting of parallel to the A229 roman road,we descended down the path to KIts Coty ancient monument(see group shot)then along the NDW to little cossington,to find our way barred by an electric fence(no problem)after a mistake we went back to the correct route and emerged alongside the Cobtree Golf course(NO SIGNS)asking the way sent us in the wrong direction around the outside of the course along a nice path,and then finally we emerged onto the Aylesford road and walked on the Allington Lock on the Medway.
Along the towpath intoMaidstone ,and through the back streets to the Park and Ride pick up stop,a 8 minute wait and we were on our way back-a bit tiring ,6 of us and maybe as much as 11 miles which I will recheck on the map.WX=sunny coldish but nice

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I believe these are called bullocks,very tame

Topless oasts at Rocks Farm EM

Cottage in woods V Large dog in garage

All I could think about was my log burning stove

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Breakfast first-Then walk.East Malling Teston


The only time it's ever quiet is when we eat .That's for the prophet Elija at the end

Ditton Lab-well,what can I say,it payed the mortgages for a couple of decades.

M27 Dwarfing rootstock

Government funded work simulation unit (only 60 left out of 350)

World famous cricket ball factory,now a dwelling house ?

The floodplain doing what is says on the tin and flooding on the plain

River Medway at Barming going very fast after 24 hours and 50mm of rain

We wait patiently whilst the photographer tries to work out how his camera functions
He was supposed to set the timer and join us,but only got 2 feet away when it went off.

We met up at Bramley's restaurant,where we had booked a table for 9,for an FEB.
which consisted of 2 Sausages,Tomatoes,2 slices fried bread,beans,egg,3 rashers of bacon,
bread and butter ,tea or coffee,all freshly cooked and taken in the new conservatory.
Our route for the walk was;-Ditton Lab,Gallaghers quarry,Barming water tower,Barming bridge,
towpath along the Medway to Teston(where the "Fall of the Year 2008 was awarded)
stop for coffee,and then Cricket ball factory,Livesey street,North Pole (go figure)Sweets Lane,
Rocks farm and back on to the research station.Nice day ,sunny not too cold,and a walk of 7 or 8 miles for 7 of us .