Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

BLIMEY- walk abandoned

A few strange matrix indicators on the M20 motorway indicating a 40 mph speed restriction,which everybody ignored.Then what appeard to be a Fire Brigade outing,with ......wait for it.....,7 fire engines, 2 police ,4 highways ,3 unidentified civvy blue light cars,and a nuclear clean up contractor's van ,giving anLGV a good looking at,with TX3291 Hazchem displayed on the trailer
I have looked it up and its HAZARDOUS MEDICAL BIO WASTE! I am not sure if its Ebola ,or some other 90% fatal disease.I later rang the Fire Brigade ,and asked what it was they were all looking at,but they said that the police were responsible for controlling the incident,but after insisting they tell, me they said it was medical waste.
As the RV was off we met up in Hythe and had a nice breakfast in a warm cafe,and looked in shop windows,so much more dignified than slogging up steep hills in the rain.
Plus, I didn't ache afterwards.