Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oare to Sittingbourne across the fields

Full marks to our photographer,It's very difficult to capture a moving object at high speed!

Very Interssting Headstones in St Mary's Norton.Connecting with the Russian Royal family.

Provender Hall

A grey start from Sittingbourne ,where we caught the 333 Bus service to Oare,after a couple of turns around faversham town ,it dropped us by our designated footpath,but instead we stuck to the country lanes owing to the mud.Up the Swale heritage Trail to Deerton street,past the Mounted Rifleman ex-pub and across Watling street A2 ,the old Roman road.

Down to Provender (see half timbered house)Where the Tsarists lived,and St Mary's church Norton( see interesting gravestones)where we had our coffee.On to Loyerton and then through the orchards to Lynsted (see old house with 4'6" high doorway.)Then across the muddy fields to Rodmersham,and thence back to Sittingbourne

A drizzly grey day ,with 6 of us doing 10 miles .