Paleolithic rock shelter.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday walk on the North Downs Way

Snow in November,can't recall this before (train late)

It snowed,it rained,it hailed,it was cold and windy ,and we all got very wet.At one stage I was considering calling for a lift back,after a particularly nasty hailstorm,but 30 minutes later the sun came out.
The walk started at bearsted rail station where the new timetable was not fully understood by the booking clerk(or me)as the train whistled through Chilham, without stopping.We got off at Canterbury West(The world's oldest railway station 1832)and caught the next train back down the line ,so did not lose out.
We disembarked at Chilham,and started walking through the heavy rain .Up through to mountain street and into the Kings wood,where the British resistance,had its HQ in 1940.
along to Boughton Aluph,and the hail storm,and into Eastwell park,after muddy fields we passed St Mary's Westwell,an abandoned church where the Bastard son of Richard lll
is entombed.Along the NDW to Charing Village and the railway station where we caught a nice comfortable Warm train.

A testing walk of 11 miles . 4 of us (2 EMR guests)

A log fire ,a hot bath,and Dry Clothes.