Paleolithic rock shelter.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Charing Harrietsham NDW

This electric fence has enough juice to stun a carthorse,hence the caution

I thing spring is about to spring

I think the people were shorter in those days

6 of us set out by train from Harrietsham rail station,the WX forecasts for the day were so confused taht we assumed it might rain heavily and took a dry route for our walk.
We called at the baker's in Charing high street for sausage rolls,and climbed the hill(the only one really)We met a nice racehorse on the track ,and we all stood aside ,so as not to get a kick in the nadgers.It was windy and cold but sunny too.No mapreading required we had the pub homing detector switched on and followed that.
The Roebuck was our pub of choice(see earlier for foodpix) and then we all wobbled off home.
a few pictures for your dilectation;-

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

East Malling, West Malling ,Barming Woods

Five of us RV at the research station and set off through the station to East Malling church and along to Mill street and disappeard up the footpath to Broadwater road and thence to West malling Abbey and lavender road.back through the orchard to the bottom of broadwater road,and into Pikey lane.past springhead farm and on to the footpath that bounds the eastern end of the Kings Hill development site.across east Malling heath to the North Pole and then back down to NorthPole lane and into Oaken Woood and thence to Rocks farm and then over the railway line to the research station.A walk of 7 to 8 miles ,mild,dry slightly muddy no wind.
Quite a nice walk.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Whitstable-Hernia Bay-Whitsable

Happy Wanderers Junior Section4 of us set off from just east of Whitstable on a glorious sunny day with nowind and the sea flat calm to walk the 3-4 miles to the east side of HerneBayHere we stopped briefly for a cup of coffee then brought a bag of chips eachand lowered the tone of the place by eating them on the hoof so to speakAs really nice walk taking about 3.5 hrs for the 7-8 miles all on the flatwith only a short section at all muddy

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Walk in Mereworth Woods

A nice day,not too cold and very sunny.the overnight gale had passed through,and left the skies clean and fresh.We RV at the church in mereworth village and disappeard up the footpath by the ex-pub.Our photographer was the understudy as the top of the bill photographer was in bed with a virus and a temp of 103.6 .After a bit of a minor hiatus we regained the correct footpath and crossed 7 mile lane and plunged into the woods.It was all a bit muddy,but c'est la vie innit?Emerging from the woods after a short break,we walked through densly planted new orchards and found a nice firm path.Bursting onto Nettlestead green,and then alongside the church on the road,with lots of stupid motorists and then across 7 mile lane and back to the church.
We did not go for lunch,so split up and made our way home.
A walk of 6 miles with 5 of us.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

RYE to HAM STREET along The Royal Military Canal

The Hamstreet/Appledore end of the walk (much nicer walking,plus the sun came out !

This gateway is 4 mtimes as old as the USA

Homage to Abbey Road

We RV'd at the rail station at Hamstreet (6 of us)and bought group travel tickets (£2.50 each)to Rye from the Station Master,and after exchanging useless information we trooped over the track to the down line and awaited the diesel train.It arrived promptly,it was modern warm,clean and comfortable. It took us no time at all to travel to Rye.In the station forecourt I suffered disorientation,but finally found the main road and set off through the town,aquiring the footpath alongside the River Rother.It was a bit grey and brightened up as the sun started to come out,the temperature was about 1 degree Celcius with a strong wind blowing.We were kitted out with wooly hats and gloves and all the usual clothing ,so were not to suffer too much.
The wind was ripping across the Marsh straight from the sea,with nothing to stop it.After a few miles the Rother beared left and the RMC right,so we took the right path and carried on.It was a little difficult walking along the top of the dike (my apologies to women that wear sensible shoes)as the grass was uneven,with great scope for spraining an ankle down a rabbit or badger hole.We stopped for lunch,cringing behind a WW2 pillbox to get out of the wind,and the hot coffee was really welcome,as was the birthday cake.We struggled on to Appledore,where the sun came out,albeit low in the sky,and the wind dropped down considerably.We took a short cut over a few fields on a litte used and neglected footpath,to regain the village of Hamstreet
We got in the cars and headed back home.A very tiring walk of 13 miles (half marathon).