Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breakfast at EM,Bus to Snodland,Walk to Coldrum Stones


We RV'd at Bramleys restaurant,(I think there were 9 of us)2 Eggs ,3 Bacon,2 fried slice,2 tomatoes,2 sausages,beans ,bread and butter and loads of tea and coffee.A very good start to the day.We walked up to the Wealden Hall bus stop and waited about 10 minutes for the 71 bus to Holborough,an attractive lady driver,an interesting trip,through the local housing estates and about 10 minutes to our destination.Up Paddlesworth road to The Pilgrims way,turn left and march.A little soggy underfoot,but you could see for miles and miles over the downs,and there was no wind to speak of and it was about 4 degrees C.We made it OK to The Coldrum Stones ancient site (3000BC).We had our coffee and I slipped on my Butt and then set off past the dead badger and back onto the Pilgrims way.We waited a mere 5 minutes for the bus ,and were very brave and went on the upper deck.We de-bussed at the Spotted Cow ex-pub and back to the EMR,where we saw Matt and his lovely wife.Off home to a very hot bath.
mileage? 7.2 the walk plus 2 on the research=9.2 miles so my 6 was a bit out(as usual)
(paste above for more info on Coldrum Stones)