Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

East Malling Barming Woods

Was this on grand designs?
It really was a bloody awful cold damp day

A number of village war memorials pertaining to the Great war show the end date as 1919.The treaty of Versailles was dated thus (after the armistice)but did this include Britains forces action against the Bolsheviks?

A Cold and damp,miserable,bone-chilling sort of day,with no sun.We had to postpone our communal breakfast owing to an illness.However we still had to deliver a cake and start the walk locally @ the Research Station (what's left of it)We walked to the rail footbridge to the Quarry at Ditton and then into Barming woods along well tended paths ,passing peole and horses that loomed out of the mist.The Water Tower recently modified as a dwelling,is all boarded up.
Into the woods looking longingly at all the coppicing and logs etc.We emerged by the old London Bus,and proceeded on the footpath to Fouracre and past Rocks to the village and through tha path to the watercress Beds ,where an Egret took flight and blame was apportioned.
Down Pikey lane (caravan dweller lane?)and then towards the old Goldwell factory ,East Malling church and back on to the station,where we mithered a bird watcher had a chat with him and then back to our cars.I diverted to Oxley Shaw to buy 3 packs of KORKERS SAUSAGES
when I got home I lit a fire in the log burner.
6 of us 6 miles and about 2degrees C and damp and misty.
This is a video of the Water Cress Bed