Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


King Stephen ,buried in St Mary's church.Grandson of William the Bastard .Looks as if someone has hold of the "crown jewels"whilst he sits for the painting.
OK -Why didn't we drop in for a look around the church ? -a missed opportunity
St Mary's church with is "flying steeple" an addition in the 18 century.
Original church constructed in the medieval era

It's gone 12th night and if you look cerfully you can see him still lurking on the roof
A little cinema was tucked away in the corner,how charming
The Guildhall

A Decent sized tug lurking on the bank out of the water.Should be earning really
Above describes tug provenence etc(comes from Newhaven-surprise!)

It looks a bit bleak over Ham Marsh,thats because it was
There we all go-teeth chattering

Frozen ,and showing a mysterious set of footprints going nowhere.
It looks cold,it was,but we are hardy souls.
Our standby navigator doing his qualification for his 2nd class map reading badge
(and succeeding)

A nice divers(correct spelling)collection of craft

We came along here in the summer ,moaning about the heat/humidity!

The Associate of Cinque Ports crest

By Bus from Maidstone ,stopping at Sittingbourne and then de-bussing at Faversham.
The bus was on time,free,warm and fast!
Through the picturesque town centre with its lovely little shops and "brewery".Faversham can only be described as charming,a nice place to live ,I would think
We crossed the swing bridge over Faversham Creek,and keeping to the left bank,kept to the Swale Heritage Trail.Atop the sea wall it was icy but firm with plenty to look at in a nautical vein.It was cold and with little wind,was a pleasant walk.Lots of differnt birds to gander at including Ergret,Heron,etc Round the sea wall to the old pub by Hollowshore,and then towards Oare creek ,and Bysing.Back into the town were some chips were bought(excellent)and we waited about 15 minutes for the bus which arrived on time.30 mins back to Sittingbourne and a further 30 to Maidstone.
I think we will return another time as there is so much to see in the town
A walk of 10Km (6 miles)temp about +1C and six of us.Welcome to one new member who RV'd by train from Thanet (must be dead keen)
(previous night time temperature was -9C )
Next week,Snodland to Coldrum stones along Pilgrims way