Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We moved out of the cold wind to have our coffee

People (some with low brows and dragging knuckles )have been walking along here for millenia

One of many badger setts we passed

We (I)thought bussing in would be a good idea,so two of us RV 'd at Chequers for the 333 to Detling showground,and the Swale contingent caught the 333 from Sittingbourne .
the Maidstone bit was OK apart from the driver having the hump with all the non fare paying oldies.the Sittingbourne bus replaced a cancelled earlier one and our chaps had to stand all the way! They passed us going south as the stop was one mile past the RVP!
We went past the radio mast,and after some skilled mapreading,found the hidden footpath and followed it along the ridge of the downs.
very muddy ,as inconsiderate equestrians had churned the path to deep mud.There was a cold breeze blowing and it was misty and spoiled our view of the Medway and Len floodplains.
After a pow wow at Hollingbourne,we decided to go on to Harrietsham along the pilgrims way,not too bad a surface.We got to the Rail station and had to wait about 45 mins for a train.
We will desist from public transport for a while ,as it is infra dignitatum.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Our return transport mode,the bus seats were worn out and uncomfortable!

Pity that the car is parked there,a shot of Chilham village square
Dragon's teeth tank obtacles from WW2 part of the primary anti invasion defence .
A terracotta ridge tile ,looks like a Griffon or maybe a common or garden dragon.

Railway layout South west of Canterbury click to enlarge for Elham Vally Line

A grey gloomy coldish day,we started at Chilham Village and Crossed over the rail line to Chilham Mill and then over the Stour and towards Juliberrie Down ,and old Stoneage Barrow.
the path was closed with no alternative route,so we ignored that and carried on,crossing a water pipeline where no one was working.We joined the lane featured in the Powell and Pressburger wartime film "A Canterbury Tale" as the "old road" and carried on to Chartham Mill and Village green.We stopped for our coffee just along the Stour by a wier,throwing bread to the ducks ,so that they had to go perilously close to the edge and then paddle like stink to avoid going over .We then crossed back over the main road and through an orchard towards Watling street.A new Hitachi "bullet"train on test passed us and we looked at the embankment where the old Elham Valley line used to join the present one to Canterbury.(see aerial pic)
Almost into the city now,and down some back streets to check out the bus station.
A cup of tea and sausage roll and a look around the market stalls,a 10 minute wait and the 654 Double decker came in. It took about 40 minutes to get to Chilham going all around the houses,but better than walking.
A large Egret and a Kingfisher was all we saw, word botching wise
7 of us 9 miles

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

EM to Borough Green and Train back.

About 370 yearsworth

Firstly we RV'd for breakfast at EM with Norm and Dave and then went off to hike.
Starting at EMR we walked through the village,up to the watercress beds and through the orchards to the WM Bypass.Through the country park,past St Leonards tower (11 century)
and along the lane to Offham,where we had a coffee and a little rest.
through the picturesque village and past the Quarry/filled dump with its methane burning plant
To seven Mile Lane and across into the golf course .Having safely crossed the course we went through Platt Wood with its Rhododendrons (from the Greek Rhodos=Rose and Dendros=Tree) and into the village where there were some pretty cottages.After reaching Borough Green station,we had an half hour wait for the train ,we detrained at EM station and walked back to EMR.
Birds:-Egret,Fieldfare,Robins,thrush,dunlin,wren Finches etc
about 9 miles with seven of us.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Swale to Sittingbourne up Milton Creek

An Abandoned Barge

Kent's main composter

The Bridge nouveau
The Shuttle to Sheerness
This is what the inside of a bus looks like
Sunsrise over Mote Park pre 08:00 (cold)

A bright morning eventually ,cold but no wind.Night temp was about -4C.Still snow and ice on the ground.We assembled at Sittingboure rail station on,foot,car and bus.We got the Sheerness shuttle and 4 out of the 6 of us got off at Swale Halt.After addressing the guard and gesticulating,the other two slower members were able to get off the train.Under the new bridge and to the Saxon Shore Way which skirted several very large industrial complexes and then took us along the sea wall which zig-zagged towards Milton.A very bright sun now,and lots of animal tracks in the snow,and some in the mud.The plaintive cry of the Curlew took me back to Nature study radio programmes at school half a century ago.Only one fall this week,me again,but much softer this time.A few abandoned wooden vessels that seemed quite large in such a restricted waterway,one of them below high water mark-a real hazard.We stopped for coffee by a lanscaped rubbish dump,and then moved off along the path to Sittingbourne.There are so many pictures this week that someone is bound to get the hump at being partially excluded.Arriving in town ,we made for the cake shop and their excellent sausage rolls ,chelsea buns ,and gypsy tarts.We split up and I got the 333 bus back to Maidstone.
6 of us 7+ miles next week ,maybe Borogh Green to EM.

The video is is a warning for the Good Folk of Thunder bay