Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We moved out of the cold wind to have our coffee

People (some with low brows and dragging knuckles )have been walking along here for millenia

One of many badger setts we passed

We (I)thought bussing in would be a good idea,so two of us RV 'd at Chequers for the 333 to Detling showground,and the Swale contingent caught the 333 from Sittingbourne .
the Maidstone bit was OK apart from the driver having the hump with all the non fare paying oldies.the Sittingbourne bus replaced a cancelled earlier one and our chaps had to stand all the way! They passed us going south as the stop was one mile past the RVP!
We went past the radio mast,and after some skilled mapreading,found the hidden footpath and followed it along the ridge of the downs.
very muddy ,as inconsiderate equestrians had churned the path to deep mud.There was a cold breeze blowing and it was misty and spoiled our view of the Medway and Len floodplains.
After a pow wow at Hollingbourne,we decided to go on to Harrietsham along the pilgrims way,not too bad a surface.We got to the Rail station and had to wait about 45 mins for a train.
We will desist from public transport for a while ,as it is infra dignitatum.

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