Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

EM to Borough Green and Train back.

About 370 yearsworth

Firstly we RV'd for breakfast at EM with Norm and Dave and then went off to hike.
Starting at EMR we walked through the village,up to the watercress beds and through the orchards to the WM Bypass.Through the country park,past St Leonards tower (11 century)
and along the lane to Offham,where we had a coffee and a little rest.
through the picturesque village and past the Quarry/filled dump with its methane burning plant
To seven Mile Lane and across into the golf course .Having safely crossed the course we went through Platt Wood with its Rhododendrons (from the Greek Rhodos=Rose and Dendros=Tree) and into the village where there were some pretty cottages.After reaching Borough Green station,we had an half hour wait for the train ,we detrained at EM station and walked back to EMR.
Birds:-Egret,Fieldfare,Robins,thrush,dunlin,wren Finches etc
about 9 miles with seven of us.

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  1. Twisden, always remember you had an interest in local birds when you worked at EM! Guess the egret was on the watercress beds?