Paleolithic rock shelter.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Borstal to Aylesford along the Medway

Unusual 4 storey house in aylesford about 250 years old

Claims to be "Britains smallest pub"along with several other contenders

For the hard of hearing,this incription reads thus:-
Walter Burke,Squire of this parish,who died on the 12th september 1815,in the 70th year of his age.He was purser on His Majesty's ship Victory,In the glorious battle of Trafalgar,and in his arms the immortal Nelson died. (this an oxymoron or what?)

Ponies belonging to travellers,each has its own unique markings.

If you look at the bit of daylight shining through the bridge,the following pics show what is happening.

A nice sunny but frosty start(ideal)we RV'd at Aylesford car park and went to wait for the bus outside the Little Gem pub,and waited,and waited,so decided when it failed to arrive(a)
that we would walk there ,and bus back.I made a cracking pace and crossed over just as the bus came along 20 minutes late at the Friars.So I flagged it down,and we clambered on.20 minutes later we arrived under the 3 bridges across the Medway and de-bussed.Down to the riverside path and a left turn and soon we were passing under the bridges and on to the sea wall on the flood plain.
Steeped in history ,this part of the world,Battle of Medway (Roman invasion),The purser's grave from HMS Victory,Dickens favourite walk ,and so on.
We were soon through Wouldham,stopping for our coffee,and thence to Aylesford.
about 8 miles and 7 of us

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mereworth Woods and West Peckham

Sea containers modified as accommodation for gastarbieters
Polytunnels with strawberrys that grow on "tables"to facilitate frost immunity and ease of harvesting,and eliminates the sight of Polish girls bending over

The Veloren Hoop,go look it up in wiki,in english= Forlorn Hope

Look at all that lovely wood,ideal for log burning stoves

A blustery day with storm cells passing over quickly.Starting at a scaffolded Mereworth church,
up the footpath by the ex-pub and crossing seven mile lane and into Swanton Valley where there had recently been logging operations and the ground was unnaturally clear.Into Hurst wood and then a break for coffee at a tree stump before turning south to Gover hill where the greensand way was intercepted.Into West Peckham up Stan lane and thence back to Mereworth
5 of us and 7 miles.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wye to Crundale and Devil's Kneading Trough

Someone pausing to break wind

A lovely warm spring day ,beautiful sunshine and just an occasional breeze.We soon took our fleeces and jackets off as we got going.Through Wye church with its regimented daffodils and passing Wye College onto Wibberly way and up the first hill.At the top of successive hills you could see for miles ,and then we plunged into the woods.After emerging,we passed the best Primrose bank in Kent with hundreds of primroses starting to emerge.Down the hill to the farm(barking dogs)and then up another steep hill to Crundale church where we stopped to eat our packed lunch.
we sat on the benches so kindly provided ,and looked across the valley to the village.
We set off after lunch back into the woods and then across arable fields,encountering more gentle hills.After crossing a lane and passing through a farm,we emerged on to the top of Wye Downs and sat on the grass to take in the view.Soon,a few bullocks ambled over to check us out and then left none the wiser.Along the top,with lovely views towards the weald,we started to descend and soon arrived at the foot of the hill and were back in the grounds of Imperial College.
About 9 or 10 miles ,6 of us (the 7th person has contacted me to say there were 7)
A Buzzard,a Kestrel(seen from above)|Finches, Tits,Wrens etc etc
No Bleedin Mud for once.