Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mereworth Woods and West Peckham

Sea containers modified as accommodation for gastarbieters
Polytunnels with strawberrys that grow on "tables"to facilitate frost immunity and ease of harvesting,and eliminates the sight of Polish girls bending over

The Veloren Hoop,go look it up in wiki,in english= Forlorn Hope

Look at all that lovely wood,ideal for log burning stoves

A blustery day with storm cells passing over quickly.Starting at a scaffolded Mereworth church,
up the footpath by the ex-pub and crossing seven mile lane and into Swanton Valley where there had recently been logging operations and the ground was unnaturally clear.Into Hurst wood and then a break for coffee at a tree stump before turning south to Gover hill where the greensand way was intercepted.Into West Peckham up Stan lane and thence back to Mereworth
5 of us and 7 miles.

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  1. Ref. The strawberries growing on tables. The bearded one would have enjoyed the Polish views.(shame)