Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009



About 10 miles into the walk and beginning to wilt

A blustery night with plenty of rain preceded the walk.At 09:00 the front had just about passed over and a blue sky could be seen to the west.We RV'd at Charing car park and discussed the road/path option,we settled for path as the rain should have drained away,as it was the first for some time ,so mud would not be a problem.This proved to be the case.Up through Charing village,and into the churchyard,past the Bishop's Palace and up towards the pilgims/North Downs Way.The sun came out with his hat on and there was a gentle breeze.There was an abundance of verdant growth in the fields and on the trees,and it looked really stunning.
We noticed the first of the bluebells coming out,and intend to visit the KingsWood soon where there will be a riot of blue.We carried on to Eastwell Church where we sat by the lake and ate our sandwiches.To Westwell manor and across the field to Pear Tree Toll.There was one small fly in the ointment,the field was covered in the waste product of some animal or other,the first part of the field was crunchy,but the remainder was like walking in sqidgy S##T and it ponged also.We made our way to Youngs plantation,and spotted a Buzzard or similar* (must get more proficient at word botching)and then into the pine plantation.turning onto the A252 and then down to Dunn street and back onto the NDW.It was a bit tiring now as we retraced our steps,finally crossing to Charing church and back to the car park
about 12 miles ,4 hours (incl lunch)and 6 of us
*it was a buzzard and I stand corrected

I have done this walk about 20 times and found it a little tiring today,must have been a combination of old age and the spring warmth.

Challock church is in the woods to the north of our walk,and has no village surrounding it.This is owing to the Black death,and the movement of the population away from the original village and a new start usually a mile or so up the road.The church being built of stone,survives.
It is not an unusual sight,to find an isolated church,even in highly populated Kent.

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  1. Hope I can help verify the kite did it have a long tail and a string reaching down to earth if so it was certainly a kite.