Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pluckley Egerton circular walk

I think I heard a faint voice saying"Will you all just go away and leave me in peace"?

We met at the Black Horse pub (food less said etc)and started down the hill.A perfect day,with bright blue skies and hot sunshine.Our first encounter was with a guard dog with laryngitis and a strange muted bark.We used the Greensand way ,still managing to deviate from the chosen route and then re establishing later.Some breathtaking views of the Weald as far as Sussex.
After about 3 miles we came into the village of Egerton and made our way to the church ,whilst one of our number tried the local beer.We made ourselves comfortable in the churchyard,the clock face is very unusual being the first one I have ever seen with a Roman IV instead of the usual IIII.
Three of our number are related and have traced their roots back to here ,which made it a bit more interesting for them.Down the steep hill toEgerton Forstal,and then across the fields to regain the Greensand way.we were admonished by some miserable old sod for not having our dog on a lead where sheep were loose,only problem-not our dog.Up a couple of steepish hills ,and back to the cars.
about 7 miles and 7 of us

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