Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Starting at Norma's Cafe for breakfast we went down to the promenade and walked along by the PLA and through all the old industrial sites by the basin at Denton.Along the sea wall by the Ship and Lobster pub.
past the various jetties and piers.Passing behind the old Nautical School,now used as a training base for woodentops,and along to Shornemead fort where we stopped for a break.
Back off along the sea wall towards Cliffe fort (hello to the RGJ)and then around the lagoons and down to the batching plant,where we crossed the railway lines where there were three freight trains coming and going.
back to civilisation at Higham and a run for the train which was 1 minute late .
A warm humid day for 4 of us and 9 miles (plus my 2.5)
ps there are some remarkable baulks of timber on the shore 20-30' long and 3' square made of oak.could come in useful,but transportation would be a problem.

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  1. Anonymous10:21 PM

    I did that walk. Can't believe you didn't get a picture of the police training centre with its mocked up streets, and front end of a jumbo jet. The Ship and Lobster is great, and apparently there used to be a pub near the disused church in Higham. My favourite part of the walk was clambering over the concrete sea defences.