Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


All very verdant at hthis time of year,and quite green too

A nice day ,sunny ,a little wind.We Rv'd at Trosley Country Park with Norm,Iris,Dave and Sandra,who were all looking in good shape.After a cup of tea surprisingly paid for by John (mate)
We split in to walkers and non,and set off down the hill.A quite steep path to the Pilgrims way,along the lane to the Wrotham roundabout,then up the face of the escarpment which was very steep,and took a great deal of effort.I imagine this would be dangerous in winter.We got to the top where the Ridgeway crosses and sat on a wall to eat our sandwiches.the houses around here are outstanding and have massive back gardens and wendy houses. Once we were on top of the Downs,at about 700' it was plain sailing
.We stopped again at Stansted church and after some dithering by me ,found the footpath and set off back to Trosley.We saw the ubiquitous Buzzard ,and after crossing a large meadow found the road back to Vigo.
All a bit tiring at 7.5 miles for 6 of us.

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