Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



RVP Gypsy Corner and then down sone quite dangerous roads until we found the footpath.It didn't look as if anyone had been down there for decades and was overgrown,so we took to the road again.
We entered the wood at New Road and went arrow-straight to Canterbury road(another dodgey one)missing our connecting path we crossed over and went behind the garden centre and emerged at Herne Common,then back into the wood on a different track.
Did I mention the rain?well it did continously to some degree or other and was a little muddy at times.However,it was a walk and there's no such thing as bad weather,only bad clothing.
We had our coffee in the rain and the made our way on a compass bearing(there being many tracks)to the car park.
Of course the sun came out midday,just to rub it in.
Pictures later,(if you sit up straight and behave yourself)
6 miles 5 of us .

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