Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Drake's lane ,some implausible suggestions as to the origin of the name
Picture above: you can see the coax feeder (what's left of it sticking out from the tree
Post box,intended for tennis balls with a slit and message carried internally

The footpath crosses this ploughed field,I used a map ,my colleague pointed out the difference in soil texture,which you can just see on the large picture heading off to the left of the white reservoir,and to the right of the copse of trees

Serendipity strikes again.A really nice walk.It was raining at 06:00,which did not bode well,but at 10:00 at the RVP it cleared up a bit and as we set off was a little windy but dry.We crossed grass fields and emarged at the Ringlestone arms,and thence to the top of the downs where we stopped for coffee.Down a little used path through the woods ,to emerge near to the Home Guard bunker,which had now been partially padlocked(good)and tried to get a couple of our chaps who had not been here before to spot it.Someone has taken the aerial feeder from the tree,but apart from that all is well.We continued up Drake's lane a very nice woodland walk,and after some dodgy mapreading(mea culpa)came out on the Frinsted road.We walked along for a couple of miles arriving back at Frinsted Church.
Grey/Sunny.6 miles 6 chaps-will do again another time as it was v nice.

If you double click your mouse you will see the "best"picture of a Buzzard that I took,with great difficulty.There was a pair,and a singleton later,my colleague has probably done better.
Hi Ho Hi Ho etc

there they were ,waiting for Big Brother,lottery draw or X Factor to come on the TV
Frinsted Church,our start point-the lady rambler that was waiting there,I think I've met before with the Swale group?It didn't dawn on me until after she had departed.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lost in Mereworth Woods

Looks like a discussion on the intended direction of travel (not encouraged)

Trees and stuff.


A nice day, a little windy,but sunny,and warm.I lost my way about a mile in ,but its all wood,and green stuff and paths,so what's to worry about?A nice area with potential for further walks ,as there are lots of intersecting footpaths to add a challenge.We did 6 miles 5 of us .
Not rich in history like last week's walk,should be nice in autumn I WILL RETURN.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have boarded vessels here in my professional capacity in the 70's

As we crossed the Thames at right angles to this ships approach,I prayed that our engine would keep going
the moat around coalhouse fort,very nicely manicured grounds(no ice cream van present)
Can't go in there mate elf and safety
wonder if they've got a licence for these?surprisingly I'm not jesting
The Victorian rubbish tip,where people had been excavating old galss bottles for resale

Wanna buy an Ack-Ack gun mate?
Old father Thames keeps rolling along ,down to the mighty sea
MV Dutchess the Gravend Tilbury ferry £1.90 OAP's v good value for money

the coal jetty to the power station at Tilbury which utilises a screw lift (check out the counterbalance)
A fine selection of horses with their foals ,who choose to leave manure across the footpath
This Kiwi cyclist(bike necessary as hitchhiking no longer accepted as normal)being given half our map to navigate to canvey Island(why would anyone want to go there?)Emma do you recognise him?
Princess Pocahontas at Gravesend ,a nice memorial in the local church

We did what it says on the tin-6 miles 6 of us (arrived by train)sunny/cloudy,very windy
I stopped on the way back for a sausage sandwich and a mug of tea at Norma's cafe ,with Mr D

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The cliffs cascaded down in 1914 in a big landslip
He's back from Canada and doing good work helping old geezers

This is the way back up to the cliff top at the second martello tower.
Landslip seen a bit better

Indiana Jones lookylikey

This is the concrete sea defence ,which is very large at the base of the cliffs.It diminishes further on,and then peters out ,with just irregular sized boulders on the beach and around the headland to the harbour

The path starts at the Cliff top Cafe and zig zags down the cliff face and then enters an overgrown area with lush green plants,its slightly dangerous,with a long fall if you slip.
Some recent work to improve the path ,with vertically set paving,to hold the steps in place.
We have never climbed up it-only down

Same RVP and time,the above cafe.I had breakfast ,which I had to share with a gannet.
We started down the cliff face,a little wary after last night's torrential rain,but lost no one .
Over the rail line via the bridge,and on to the concrete beach.Turning right,this time,we set off for Folkestone Harbour in the distance.I forgot the Falcon which was out hunting again,viewed from above this time.A good easy walk ,and then we came upon the rocky promontory,and started to clamber over various stones and boulders.We were fairly confident the tide would be OK,but it was strenuous and a little dangerous,with a 40% casualty rate owing to falls(luckily no cameras at the ready.)It seemed to go on and on,and no really good fossils were seen(the object of the exercise)We were assured that around the next bend it would all be OK,but it wasn't,we still had a way to go.Eventually we made it,and sat down for a drink.Then we had the long hard slog back to the top again,with many stops(for me)
At last the top,and the Battle of Britain memorial.Not long after,the cafe hove into view,and we all had ice creams,followed by a mug of tea.
We will not do this one again ,too dodgy.
We will incorporate the easy part at a later date.The rain held off until we were home-super.
5 Miles ,5 of us ,1 minor injury ,1 smashed cell phone and 1 hospital xray and plaster! cloudy breezy
there have been suggestions that it's safer to drive to the seaside,and stare out to sea,with all the car windows wound up,like 99% of visitors do.However we like to live life in the fast lane.