Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Drake's lane ,some implausible suggestions as to the origin of the name
Picture above: you can see the coax feeder (what's left of it sticking out from the tree
Post box,intended for tennis balls with a slit and message carried internally

The footpath crosses this ploughed field,I used a map ,my colleague pointed out the difference in soil texture,which you can just see on the large picture heading off to the left of the white reservoir,and to the right of the copse of trees

Serendipity strikes again.A really nice walk.It was raining at 06:00,which did not bode well,but at 10:00 at the RVP it cleared up a bit and as we set off was a little windy but dry.We crossed grass fields and emarged at the Ringlestone arms,and thence to the top of the downs where we stopped for coffee.Down a little used path through the woods ,to emerge near to the Home Guard bunker,which had now been partially padlocked(good)and tried to get a couple of our chaps who had not been here before to spot it.Someone has taken the aerial feeder from the tree,but apart from that all is well.We continued up Drake's lane a very nice woodland walk,and after some dodgy mapreading(mea culpa)came out on the Frinsted road.We walked along for a couple of miles arriving back at Frinsted Church.
Grey/Sunny.6 miles 6 chaps-will do again another time as it was v nice.

If you double click your mouse you will see the "best"picture of a Buzzard that I took,with great difficulty.There was a pair,and a singleton later,my colleague has probably done better.
Hi Ho Hi Ho etc

there they were ,waiting for Big Brother,lottery draw or X Factor to come on the TV
Frinsted Church,our start point-the lady rambler that was waiting there,I think I've met before with the Swale group?It didn't dawn on me until after she had departed.

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